Background information
Feature films
Television programs iCarly
Video games
Park attractions
Portrayed by
Portrayed by Danielle Morrow
Performance model
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name Nora Dershlit
Other names Psycho
Personality Crazy, Weird
Occupation iCarly fan
Affiliations Bad (crazy)
Goal To make the iCarly trio her permanent friends.
Relatives Mother, Father
Pets Maurice the Chicken
Allies Maurice the Chicken, iCarly gang (one sided on her side)
Enemies Gibby
Likes iCarly, Chickens, Clowns
Dislikes Chicken (to eat), Anyone getting in her way
Powers and abilities Martial Arts
Fate Released from juvy
Quote "Well, that can't happen because you're safely trapped in my dad's recording studio!"

Nora Dershlit is an obsessed fan from iCarly. She is the primary antagonist of the episode "iPsycho" due to her locking the gang up in her basement and fighting Gibby. Even though she was an antagonist, she only did her actions due to her loneliness.



She is a very strange girl, who owns and loves her chicken, Maurice. She is very lonely and semmingly mentally unstable.



Nora makes her debut in "iPsycho". She was left alone on her birthday because her parents went on a trip. She invites the iCarly gang to her house for her birthday party, as she worships them. However, it is implied that while the iCarly gang where at her birthday party, her insanity might have increased, as Nora laughed oddly when the kids got there, as well as put strange music, making Carly dance with a clown, replieng that no one has asked her to "check something out". kissing a popular girl at her party, and wearing a Richard Nixon mask while holding a fake axe. When the gang are about to leave, she tells them to follow her to her basement, and traps them in. She does order them food to eat, and allows them to send a secret video message (which she thought was a birthday video) to Gibby. Gibby discovers her intentions, and with his brother Guppy finds his friends, However Nora is not willing to surrender, and attacks Gibby, making them both fall to the basement. She manages to endure many of Gibby's punches and even send him flying despite his kick boxing skills. Gibby manages to hold her down, while Guppy frees the gang, allowing Sam to put her to sleep. Her chicken , Maurice then sits on her. At the end of the episode while the iCarly gang are back at Ceattle, it is revealed that the iCarly trio called the police, sending Nora to juvenile detention. The group feels sorry for her, all except for Sam.


  • Brief controversy erupted shortly after the episode aired; in a short scene Nora appears to kiss the popular girl, (played by Daniella Monet), on the lips. Many people were concerned that same-sex kissing should not be depicted on a tween show. While it does appear that Nora is kissing the girl on the lips, she is actually kissing her on the cheek.
  • In an early draft of iStart a Fanwar, Nora appears.
  • Nora will return in a season 5 episode; This was confirmed in a video posted by Dan Schneider that showed Danielle Morrow on set.
  • In the episode in season 5 she appears to get the iCarly trio to come back to her house for a "Welcome Home" party as seen here in Dan's video

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