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Nicktoons Unite!Edit

Nicktoons: Attack of the ToybotsEdit

Calamitous once again tried to attack the worlds, this time due to being a contestant in the "Biggest Genius" award. His scheme this time was to capture and feed fairies in/from Fairy World with Bikini Bottom's krabby patties, making them release "fairy gas", which he used to make the toys come to life. Also, he seeked to create robotic copies of the heroes to fight them. Looking to expand the production, he included a new factory in Pupununu, which forced the world's hero, Tak, to seek his way into the main factory. There, he found the other heroes (Spongebob and Patrick at first) and joined forces with them and a rogue robot of Calamitous to destroy the robots and the toy versions of them. In the end, they discovered Calamitous' reasons and sent him to jail again.

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